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About Your Rossiter Stretching Coach

In March 2010, I woke up unable to move my right shoulder without pain. I sought treatment with a  pain management specialist and was diagnosed with left shoulder strain and myofascial pain syndrome. The doctor gave me a steroid shot which helped to alleviate my pain. For most people, pain medication and shots help to alleviate their pain, but many times the relief is only temporary and the pain eventually returns. For me, the pain in my right shoulder did eventually return. I decided to look into alternative therapies for my pain and found Rossiter Stretching. To my amazement, I received some pain relief after only one session. I went back for two more sessions and the pain in my right shoulder went away. Over time, I have also experienced hand and wrist pain with a trigger finger and thumb pain as well as a ganglion cyst.  I was able to resolve all of these issues with Rossiter Stretching.

I have been a resident of Pinellas County for over 30 years and have been a Certified Rossiter Stretching Coach since 2019. I believe everyone should be stretching their bodies. Our bodies are designed to move through daily everyday life at home, at work, doing the things you love, with sports, and many other activities. If you don’t take the time to stretch your body, I believe you will ultimately be in pain. The more resources you can rely on to maintain or improve your health the better. Rossiter Stretching might be a good or really great thing for you! The ultimate goal of Rossiter Stretching is to return space to the connective tissue system thereby reducing or eliminating pain and restoring movement. It helps to prevent injury. It helps improve performance. It helps you to live without pain. There is no other workout quite like this. If you are open to trying something new and have tried multiple therapies without relief of your pain, this could be the modality that works for you.

                                                                                       Kathleen Carhart, Certified Rossiter Stretching Coach

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